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Ban Status / Appeals
« on: April 07, 2016, 08:32:15 PM »
Hive365 are a friendly voluntary team that provide music entertainment and interaction with live DJ's.

It is our policy to ensure our staff do not have to deal with persistent abusive and offensive content from our listeners via our interactive dashboard or Discord Server.

Live DJ Interaction
If a person or community is found to be persistently offensive and abusive they will be banned from interacting with the DJ.
A person or community will be unable to make Requests, Shout Outs, Choons, Poons and DJFTWs.
In extreme cases, a person or community may also be banned from listening to the Stream completely.

If a person or persons are found to be persistently offensive, abusive or not adhering to Hive365 Discord Rules they will be banned from the Hive365 Discord Server.

What to do?
If you think you or your community has been banned, you may post to check your ban status and appeal your ban accordingly. Bans are recorded by IP, so your IP or Game Server IP will be required to check the status.

Please remain both polite and patient when making your enquiries, as rudeness will most likely result in a forum or discord bans also.

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