Author Topic: Not sure where to post this, but is there any way I can check the played songs?  (Read 1197 times)

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Hello, I listened to an absolute banger this afternoon while playing CS:GO, however I forgot to save it.

The song had a drum, bass guitar and an electric guitar as instruments. The video on youtube was their album cover and it had roughly 20k views. (Which surprised me)

The following song that got played was one from Trivium, I think it was called 'The Heart From Your Hate'.

The title of the song was relatively long and I think it included the words oblivion and rise. (As in rise up, I think)

I would really appreciate it if any of you could help me! :)

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Hello and welcome to the forums.
You can check the last 10 recently played tracks from the Request page.
However, I have had a look in our logs and I believe the track you are looking for is:  Trivium - Until The World Goes Cold.

Cheers and Enjoy your stay with us :)

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Hi Demo, did you consider just posting everything somewhere? I don't know how difficult that would be for you from a technical standpoint. I'm just curious.

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In the early stages of the discord bot, it would spit the songs played, but now it deletes the previous message and only shows the current to reduce the amount of messages sent.
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Presenters who use sam broadcaster, if they have a website can list all their tracks in their system and also the last 10 tracks played ,may be an option to Increase the list in settings but never messed with that side of it so far.
But the current last played track on the website as demos directed you too is currently the best option at the moment.
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