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Is it a bug?
« on: May 25, 2019, 08:21:55 PM »

Everytime when i start the radio and leave the server, the radio continues playing so i can hear it without beeing on a server.
It also not stop when i minimize my Game with enabled "silence the audio while the game window is in the background" option.
It also not stop if i join a new server (community/casual/competitive), so my question:
Is it a bug and is there a chance to stop it automatically?

(Many "It" ;D)

And a second "maybe" bug:
The radio stops automatically after ~45-60min (also in html5 player) so i have to stop and start the radio again.
And i cant open the radio "motd" with "starting" when it already run (i need to stop it first)

Game:              Team Fortress 2
Plugin Version : 4.0.5
                     + tested with HTML5 Player (In IE 11)

Greetings Geheim123
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